Ceramic Mugs with Lid and Cork Base No Printing

  • Material: Ceramic | Capacity: 385 ml (13 oz) | Item Weight: 0.425 kg | Size: 88×110 mm

Packaging Details

Pcs in Carton Box Carton Weight Carton Box Size
24 10.5 kg 50 x 30 x 26 cm

Mugs Printing Options

  • Screen Printing | Sublimation Printing

Unwind with your favorite beverage in these unique and stylish ceramic mugs, featuring a natural cork base for a touch of eco-friendly design.

Embrace the Benefits:

  • Sustainable Choice: The eco-friendly cork base is renewable and biodegradable, reducing your environmental impact.
  • Temperature Control: The cork base acts as a natural insulator, keeping your coffee warm in winter and drinks cool in summer.
  • Sleek and Modern Design: The combination of ceramic and cork creates a modern and sophisticated look.
  • Spacious Capacity: Enjoy a generous 385ml capacity, perfect for your morning coffee, tea, or even a large latte.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Take your mug wherever you go with its comfortable and lightweight design.
  • Leakproof Lid: The stylish lid keeps your drink safely contained and prevents spills.

Invest in mugs that combine style, sustainability, and functionality. Order your Cork-Based Ceramic Mugs today!

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8.8 × 11 cm


0.425 kg




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